Friday, February 3, 2012

Firefox ain't what it used to be!

I've been a raving fan and user of Firefox since it was still called Firebird. I do use IE and Chrome periodically, but thought nothing would ever shake the hold that Firefox has on me. I no longer hold this belief.

The reason is Mozilla's somewhat newly adopted rapid release cycle (version 10 just hit my system). It's causing my can't-live-without plugins to stop working, like every other week! Mozilla is putting a burden on plug-in developers, which I believe is unacceptable. I have never been closer to dumping Firefox. If this nonsense doesn't change, I'll have to go quietly into the night. For now, however, I thought I owed at least the courtesy of making my frustration known.

I went to the Mozilla site to submit my feedback, but lo and behold, their feedback form doesn't seem to accept more than a sentence and a half. My modest paragraph wouldn't take, and I found no readily accessible alternative to presenting my frustration to Mozilla directly. Hence, I'm back here, posting to the public (a.k.a. me, myself and I).

My current plug-in of concern is Tab Utilities. A damn-fine plug-in if I do say so myself. I refuse to browse without it. I know a little bit about the structure of Firefox plug-ins, perhaps only enough to be dangerous, which leads me to believe that it's much more likely a simple version number issue, and not an actual compatibility issue. I could go in and modify the plug-in manually to make it work with version 10, but I'm sick of doing this!

I usually turn off auto-updates in Firefox settings, but I use so many darn computers, I don't always remember to do it on all of them. I recently got a new work computer, and forgot to turn off auto-updates, so now Firefox is gimped for me at work. So lame.

I also have a potential problem in which I cannot log into our company website. I'm still troubleshooting that, and don't know for sure if it's related to the latest Firefox release, but it's sure looking like it so far, especially since I have so few working plug-ins left. I'll see if I can't post an update if I figure that out one way or the other.

Mozilla, hear my plea! Stop the madness!

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