Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get Mango for Windows Phone 7 Now!

I've been clamoring for the Mango update for my Windows Phone 7 ever since hearing it's supposed to roll out this Fall. Well, Fall is here, so where's my Mango?! I religiously check Settings > Phone Update every day, but it always says "no update available." I figured, with my luck, I'll probably get it last. For the record, I have an HTC HD7 on T-Mobile.

I rarely use the Zune software, mainly because I don't have much need to sync data between my phone and my PC. I'm just not the kind of guy... at least not yet. But tonight, on a whim, I decided to plug in and let the two commingle, just for grins. I'm glad I did. Zune was like, "what the heck have you been doing? An update is available, dude!" (paraphrased). I was psyched, naturally, but also dismayed that I wasn't notified "over the air" as I expected to be. How long have I been waiting to pluck the Mango that was there for the plucking? *sigh*

Before the phone update would start, it required that I update the Zune software. I don't know what version I was on, but I now have Zune version 4.8.2345.0. With that out of the way, I initiated the phone update.

The phone restarted a couple of times, made a backup, downloaded an update, installed the update, downloaded another update, installed that too, restarted a couple more times, then it was finally done. I'd estimate the whole process took 45-60 minutes, with the longest stretch by far being the second update.

To my relief, the update seems to have worked fine on the first try. I can't wait to mess with it, I almost feel like I'm getting a new phone. Overall I really like the WP7 platform, but I'd sure like to see some of my minor annoyances addressed. However, I'm optimistic.

If, like me, you're anxious to get the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update, my advice is this: don't wait for your phone to notify you. Connect your Windows Phone to your PC and start Zune immediately. You might be glad you did!