Saturday, June 2, 2012

Second Dell power supply failure inside a month

I'm once again growing bitter with Dell.  My XPS 15 (L502x) had a power supply failure, couldn't have been more than a month ago.  Thankfully, I was still a few weeks away from the 1-year warranty expiration, so I promptly contacted Dell and, with slightly less trouble than I expected, had it swapped out.

I wasn't home when it failed. I returned home to find my laptop completely off, which is not how I left it. I tried turning it back on, but it would not turn on. I noticed the blue ring on the power connector (coming from the power supply, not on the laptop itself) was not illuminated as it normally is. This was a clue that the power supply had failed. However, I could not turn the laptop back on until I reseated the battery.

Unbelievably, about 20 minutes ago my (new?) replacement power supply went belly up. This time I was using it when the whole thing just shut down. First thing I looked at was the blue ring on the power connector, and sure enough, it's off. I unplugged it and tried to turn the laptop on, as it has a full battery, but just as before, it would not turn on until I reseated the battery.

My warranty expired today, June 2nd. And it's Saturday to boot. I probably won't get a replacement until Wednesday at the earliest. I'm pretty sure if I saw someone walking in front of my house right now with a Dell name tag on, I'd probably hurt him. I'm fairly bent, can you tell?

I considered contacting Dell and pleading my case with them, fully aware that they would likely delight in telling me "oh, that's too bad, your warranty is expired."  I even went so far as to try to initiate a live chat with their support, but their system is not currently accepting connections. All I get is a message stating that their reps are busy and the queue isn't open, and that I should call instead. The last thing I want right now is to hear a foreign voice pissing me off even more, so to heck with that.

I also weighed the option of finding out how much it would cost to extend the warranty, and if it struck me as too much more than I could probably get a new power supply for, I'd tell them to forget it. In the end, I just can't put myself through dealing with Dell support in my current mental state. They are usually too much for a sane man, so I'm definitely going to have to pass.

I'm using up about 50% of my full battery to do two things: order a new power supply from Dell for $100, and post a blog about my disdain for the situation I find myself in. I'm on my laptop for hours every day. The next several days are going to be painful... again.